Top 6 BEST Crypto Exchanges in 2024: Which Are Safe?!

Nov 06, 2023

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There is no doubt that non-custodial trading is the future of crypto. However, until there are ways in which we can effectively get our fiat funds to and from crypto without relying on TradFi, we are going to need exchanges. 

Right now, there are a plethora of exchanges that are out there vying for your business. So many in fact, that you can afford to be picky. Whatever exchange you do use, you have to make sure that it meets a number of criteria. 

For example, it has to:

- Be extremely secure
- Have extensive coin support
- Trading functionality
- Competitive Fees
- Effective fiat funding options
- etc

When it comes to Doing Your Own Research (DYOR), making sure that you are using the right exchange is perhaps just as important as deciding what coins to buy. 

No matter how diligently you pick your portfolio, it counts for nothing if the exchange you are using turns out to be the next FTX. 

To help you with this, we have decided to do a video for you on the best exchanges for next year. We analyse all the above factors to make sure that you find the exchange that is best suited to you. We also contrast and compare them by providing their respective pros / cons.

There are also several exclusive deals and discounts that we have on offer for you at these exchanges. 

Get those notepads ready!



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► Best Crypto Exchanges:
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► Kraken:
► OKX:
► Bybit:
► Kucoin:


► Binance Vs. Coinbase:
► OKX Vs. Coinbase:
► Coinbase Vs. Kucoin:
► Kucoin Vs. Bybit:
► Bybit Vs. OKX:
► Binance Vs. Bybit
► Bitget Vs. Bybit:
► OKX Vs. Kraken:
► Coinbase Fees:
► OKX Fees:



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