It's COMING!! A Global Crisis Which Affects Us ALL!!

May 22, 2022

Hey Folks!

Happy Bitcoin Pizza Day!! ?

12 years ago today, someone spent 10,000 Bitcoin to buy 2 pizzas. Apart from the fact that these pizzas would have been akin to $300m spent today, it was a major milestone for Bitcoin. It showed that this peer-to-peer digital cash could indeed be used for transactional purposes.

So, I hope you are enjoying a pizza to celebrate this highly significant day in Bitcoin's history.

Speaking of food...

There is something that has been concerning me of late, and that is this global food crisis that seems to be brewing.

Up until a few months ago, the notion that we could be hurtling to shortages at our local supermarkets was unheard of. Indeed, the past 20 years have conditioned us to believe that we are living through an era of abundance.

Yet, all you need is a perfect storm of unfortunate events to come together at once - and those feelings of food security fall completely by the wayside.

In my video today, I am going to give you everything that you need to know about this impending crisis. One that the UN has said could be the worst food crisis since the end of World War 2.

I will explain exactly how it came to be and where the shortages are most likely to be felt. I also have a few hints and tips that could help to hold us over during this tumultuous time.

So, while enjoying that pizza, sit back and enjoy this video - it will make you savour it even more!


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