Crypto News: Bitcoin, ETH ETF, Circle, Inflation, SUI & MORE!!

Jan 16, 2024

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It’s Monday, and that means its time for another weekly crypto review. It’s safe to say that there’s quite a bit to cover. The spot Bitcoin ETFs have been approved, after all!

Of course, this historical catalyst has left everyone asking lots of questions, particularly around BTC’s poor price action following the news, and especially for what this all means for the spot Ethereum ETFs.  

Meanwhile, macro factors seem to be setting the stage for a massive speculative rally in small caps and altcoins which may have already begun. Stick around until the end for an analysis of last week’s winners!


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► Grayscale Court Decision Allowed For ETFs:
► Blackrock Pushes For Spot Ethereum ETF:
► Circle Plans IPO In USA:
► CPI Comes In Higher Than Expected:


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